Baking machine
Our baking machine mainly includes the baking oven and baking moulds.
 For the baking oven,we have hot air rotary oven and tunnel oven.we have both electricity,gas and diesel heating source available.The oven is commonly used in industry,shop,market or by individual.
The oven can be used for baking cake,bread,cookie biscuit,moon cake and other related pastry products.In particular,our 32 trays hot air rotary oven is our most popular baking equipment by our customers.
For the baking mould,we have cake mould,bread baking pan and cookie baking pan,according to the material,we have the non-stick mould,aluminum mould,teflon coated mould,flat pan,non-stick pan,aluminum pan,aluminum alloy pan,and so on.The baking moulds are used to put the baking products into the baking oven.
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