Double color cookie machine
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Double color cookie machine is our new machine with  most multi-function,varieties and designs. According to market’s requirement on the innovation of fancy cookie products.The main feature of the machine is that the double color function without pipes(metal or plastic),and it overcomes the defects of damaged material easy blocking,bigger extrusion pressure and inconvenient cleaning.Especially in Winter,the material is much easier to block and hard to extrude,which makes the pipes harder and easy broken.and in Summer,due to hot temperature,the dough is easy to gluten,which makes it harder to extrude also.

The machine adopts composite pattern plate,color separation extrusion,easy forming,cleaning and operation.It adopts transducer to adjust the speed,through the interval rotating of feeding rollers to extrude the materials by rotating nozzles,wire cutting moulds,and stripping moulds to form different shapes of single color,double color,single layer,and double layers cookies.

The cookies made by the machine can be conveyed directly to tunnel oven or by trays to rotary oven.

Model 400 600
Capacity 200KG/H 400KG/H
Tray size 600x400MM 600X600MM
Working line speed 0-18M/MIN 0-18M/MIN
Working time 0-70Times/Min 0-70Times/Min
Power 2.75KW 3.75KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Weight 1100KG 1500KG
Dimension 2500x900x1350MM 2500*1050*1350MM
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